Hi, I’m a human.

What is branding? Branding is a new concept for creating a strong brand identity, till the moment people start to treat brand like a real human being. Strong brand has not only a face, but also a personality. They have mission of what they want to become and vision of how they change the world. But the most important thing is that we know why they exists. And this might makes us love or hate them. Take a moment and think about your friends, or people you know in general. Why do you like them and don’t like the others? What could be the reason you are in good relationship with them?

They suits you. You like them, because you share similar ideas for life. Naturally not every single one, and that is the point. Some of your friends are inspiring for you. Some makes you laugh and the others make you feel save. You know them. It’s easy for you to recognize their faces, behaviors, visions for the future or even their tone of voice.

Branding is like creating people’s friends. The stronger brand identity is, the more friends gets. Brand has to be like a real human being to start making relations with customers. We live among brands like among society. Look around. How many brands are in relationship with you?

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