Is Apple quietly rebranding?

Every brand has to divers their product line to stay fresh and take the full advantage of its brand potential. Nestle or Nivea are perfect examples of this behavior, they provide various products and prices. Apple also produces new devices from different categories always holding on to their brand attitude “making a technology accessible for human”.

Apple as a umbrella brand for their products was smart enough to name its products starting with “i” or “Mac”. That move made two lines of products – easily portable small smart devices and powerful products for home use.

But few months ago Apple introduced us to new name category – the Apple product category. Here are examples: Apple Watch, Apple Music or Apple Pencil. This new branding strategy brings not only the breath of fresh air but also is really smart. Whenever you think of those products it makes you focus all of your associations with Apple brand and values on the product or service itself.

In a few weeks the next iPhone will be released. It is going to be a 10th (sic!) generation of the most famous Apple product. Rumors says that the brand is preparing true break through. What if, with the next iPhone technology, will come new product name? If Apple truly follows branding strategy the new device will name Apple Phone – creating a spirit of whole new category. At first glance sounds little cheesy, but this maybe a future.

Which iPhone are you expecting? 7s, 8, 10? Or Apple Phone?


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