B: Why do we exist? What do we believe in? What do we care about? What are our values? What are we like? Where are we going to? Who are we? Who are we live for? What do we want to achieve? What are we going to change in the world?

MM: What does the market look like? Who are our opponents? What do we look like? What makes us different? How popular are we? Who are the people we live for? What they care about? Why they chose us? Do we satisfy them? Why they believe us? What the society think about us? Why do they think so? How can people contact us? How can we reach them? What channels do we use? What are we talk about? How do we communicate? What is our product? Is our concept innovative? What does it look like? What is our promotion? How do we reach our clients? Do we produce marketing materials? Where are our clients? How do we make money? Which income channel is the most efficient? Is the price relevant? What is our unique selling proposition? How are we going to sell our product? What are the threats? What are our advantages? Do we have long time strategy? What our organisation culture looks like? How do we care about employees? What are our processes?
In marketing there are thousand questions which need to be answered every day. The problem is, that without the core of branding process replying to the them is pointless. Every action the brand does must be developed deeply in the heart and soul of brand. It should stick to branding strategy to make the brand truly consistent.

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